Our 2.4m Ezy-Fit LED Strip is an excellent choice when you want to quickly set up a light at your campsite. With carabiner ends, Velcro® straps, inbuilt sail track mount, bug-reducing orange light technology and an IP68 waterproof rating, it is incredibly versatile and can be mounted anywhere. It produces a whopping 2,200 lumens of light (white setting).

High brightness, multiple mounting options - Don’t get caught with cheap, poor-quality imitations. Join thousands of adventurers who already enjoy the quality and durability of Hardkorr’s famous LED camping lights. Hardkorr’s ezy-fit LED strip is super simple to use. It is ideally suited to be used in tents, awnings, gazebos or anywhere you want to set-up a light quickly.

Velcro® strips (sewn into the canvas) and quick-connect carabiner end clips are included into the design to make mounting of the light easy. Or, if you have an awning or annex with a sail track, you can use the inbuilt sail track mount on the strip to slide straight in!

The strip comes with both orange and white LEDs, and using our exclusive tri-colour dimmer switch, you can create three distinct colours of light – cool white, warm white and orange. The cool white light provides maximum brightness, whereas the new warm white setting gives off a light that is almost as bright as cool white, but with a pleasant soothing warmth. It’s perfect for setting a calm, happy mood in your campsite, particularly later at night. Finally, switching to the orange light naturally reduces the presence of bugs by up to 90%, and is particularly useful around food preparation and eating areas.

The dimmer switch comes with our removable pole clips so you can attach it to a tent or awning pole, giving you one less thing to worry about misplacing out in the bush.

Key features

  • 2,200 lumens light output means you can light up a large area easily
  • One strip can produce three different light colours: cool white, warm white and orange
  • Easy to mount: Carabiner end clips, Velcro® attachment straps and handy inbuilt sail track mount
  • IP68 waterproof rating means the lights are completely watertight (in fact they will run underwater)
  • Waterproof locking DC connectors on all cables
  • Heavy-duty, double insulated cables to prevent voltage drop, which results in brighter light
  • Low power consumption – can be left on all night without affecting your battery

​​​​How does orange light reduce bug presence?  - Some bugs, like mosquitos and moths, can’t help but move their body towards any light source they can see. This phenomenon is called positive phototaxis. Entomologists still don’t have a complete understanding of why this phenomenon exists, but it is clearly observable in nature.

Of course, bugs will only be attracted to light they can see, and there is a useful difference between the spectra of light which are visible to humans compared to bugs. Humans can generally see light which has a wavelength between 380nm (blue) and 740nm (red). Most bugs, conversely, can see light with a wavelength between 300nm and 600nm.

The wavelength of our orange LEDs is 610nm, putting them outside of the spectrum visible to must bugs, but still well inside the boundaries of human vision. As a result, most bugs will not congregate around our orange light because they simply don’t know it is there.



1680D canvas outer High-grade silicone rubber inner

LED type

Genuine OSRAM® SMD5050

Max. output

2,200 lumens (white setting)

Ingress Protection

IP68 (excl. dimmer)

Beam Angle

120 degrees

Current Draw

2.88A @ 12V

Colour temperature

5000K (white)

LED Lifespan

50,000+ hours


CE, RoHS, C-Tick

Pack Contents

1 x 

2.4m orange/white ezy-fit LED strip

1 x 

Tri-colour dimmer switch

1 x 

3m power lead (cigarette plug)

1 x 

3m extension lead

1 x 

1.5m battery clamps to female cig lead

Unit Of Measure ea