4WD Snorkels & Pre-Cleaners

 Breath Easy

A snorkel will help achieve peak performance whether you’re barreling down a dusty track or fording a creek. The Snorkels are also designed & engineered to suit the natural shape of the vehicle, meaning your four-wheel drive looks great and performs admirably in all conditions. All products are made with leading Australian polymer materials that exceed the Australian Standard for UV stabilisation of UV8, with ratings at UV20-UV24. The colour pigmentation process doesn't cut any corners either, giving you an even, dense and bleed-free product.


We also have a ange of Pre-Cleaners available for most Genuine & aftermarket snorkels. A quality Pre-Cleaner 

  • Removes 90% of dust before it reaches the main filter

  • Does not affect engine performance

  • Fully serviceable

  • Essential “in convoy”

  • Supplied pre-oiled in a pack of 1 or 3.

  • Sizes available to suit most snorkels (genuine & aftermarket)

  • Available in Red or Black in colour. Please quote colour choice when placing your order.

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