Hose on, then hose off... Simple! 

The Clean Offroad Foam Gun allows you to connect straight to your garden hose, mix and spray foaming detergent to your vehicle for an easy clean. 

How does it work? By Simply attaching your garden hose to the back end of the gun and filling the foam gun bottle with concentrated car wash, the wash then mixes in with the water as it passes through the gun. Perfect to use with Beach 2 Clean. You can adjust the foam to water by simply spinning the switch at the top of the gun!

  • Easy to set up and connects straight to your garden hose
  • Different settings to adjust foam to water ratio
  • Nozzle easily detaches from the foam sprayer to rinse 
  • Made of long lasting durable plastic
  • Can be used with any car wash

How to use:

Simply add 50-100ml of car wash detergent to the bottle, filling the rest with water. Screw on the nozzle and shake to mix the solution. Attach to your garden hose, adjust the setting for your desired amount of foam and spray your vehicle. It's that easy!

Tip: You can remove the garden hose trigger via the quick release, to rinse your vehicle with water only. 

Brand Clean Offroad - 4WD Wash and Protection Products
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