If you ever wanted an inexpensive and accurate way to test your battery voltage, log the usage and something that extremely easy to install then this is the tool for you. Check your parked up boat or caravan batteries without going outside, app can monitor multiple batteries (individual bluetooth modules required), receive notifications once a day on the condition (toggle on or off), use the log to determine a failing battery, especially handy if you have two installed and cant identify the issue.

BM2 Battery Monitor Main Features:

  • Receive notification of battery conditions when enter BLE range;
  • Check starting system and charging system (alternator);
  • List the time of each driving;
  • Alert mobile phone if some data abnormal;
  • Review voltage history in graph mode;
  • Short-circuit and reverse connection protection;
  • Data stored in device up to 35 days if out of sync;
  • Ultra-low power consumption, average current: 1.0 mA;
  • Connect with battery directly, no code;
  • Free app for iOS & Android users;
  • Compatible with all 12-volt vehicle batteries; Voltage: 9-16V;
  • Temp: -40-85C.

BM2 Battery Monitor Principle:

  • Check battery state on phone APP via Bluetooth 4.0 when device is installed;
  • Use for: All 12V Vehicle Battery;
  • APP Name: Battery Monitor;
  • Available: Android: 4.3 and later / iPhone: 4S and later / iPad: iPad3 and later;
  • Suitable for: *DIY users / *Battery service station / *Garage workshop / *Tool store / *Vehicle battery manufacturers.


  • Alert users if charge is low;
  • Review charge history in graph mode;
  • Show the state of charge of battery in real time;
  • Near-Filed Perception to get notification automatically.

Package Includes:

  • 1pc x Battery Monitor BM2 Bluetooth 4.0 Device Car 12V Battery Tester