Staun Tyre Deflators Standard (6-30psi)


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This deflator has been designed to suit most 4WD deflation needs. Suitable for beach or bush pressures it comes preset at 18psi and is accurate to within 0.25psi.

It has an adjustment of 3psi per half turn and 6psi per full turn of the adjustment cap. Requiring 12 psi above its preset pressure to start automatically, they can be started manually by lifting the pin at as little as 2 psi above its preset pressure.

DEFLATORS ARE SUPPLIED AT A PRESET PRESSUREThe deflators are supplied at a preset pressure, however you can adjust this pressure to your desired level. It is not necessary to reset them again unless you wish to change the psi that you want to reduce your tyre pressure to.

Exactly how much you reduce your tyre pressure depends on a variety of factors, such as how much weight your tyres are supporting. Additionally the softness of the surface that you are travelling on will also affect how much you need to let your tyres down. Through trial and error you can find your personal preference and determine what tyre pressure suits you.

Staun Tyre Deflators do not have a minimum start off pressure so you do not need to bring your tyre pressure back up in order to reduce it further. Simply turn the adjusting cap anti-clockwise to further reduce your tyre pressure. If they do not start automatically you can manually start them by lifting the pin. Please check your product header card for individual pressure settings.

The Staun Tyre Deflators need to be screwed on using the finger grip located at the base of the deflator body. Do not use the adjusting cap or lock ring to fix the deflator to the valve stem. For a comprehensive demonstration on how to install the deflators onto your tyres please view the video above.

Staun’s Tyre Deflators are a well known 4wd after-market accessory, wholly owned and manufactured in Australia. The innovative deflators have proven a huge success and are now available throughout various 4WD accessories stores Australia wide, and are increasing their international presence.

The patented and trade marked Staun Tyre Deflators are the ORIGINAL and the BEST! They have proven time and again to be the easiest and most accurate way for decreasing tyre pressure and improving your off-road performance. Staun Tyre Deflators promise high quality and are considered by many professionals to be the superior product on the market.

Benefits of Deflating - There are several benefits of deflating your tyres to a lower pressure that extend beyond generally improving your vehicle’s overall performance.

  • MINIMISING ENVIRONMENTAL DISRUPTION - An inflated tyre will leave a noticeably more significant imprint on the terrain it is crossing, which can be reduced by simply reducing the tyre pressure. This works to protect and conserve our natural environment, meaning everyone can enjoy the off-road experience in the future.
  • IMPROVING FUEL ECONOMY BY 10-15% - Fuel usage increases when tyres are at higher pressures because more revs and greater acceleration is required to take the vehicle over the off-road surfaces.
  • IMPROVED ABLITY TO TRAVEL ON SOFTER SURFACES - The bigger the footprint, the softer the surface you can travel on as the weight of the vehicle is distributed over a larger surface area. When tyres have very little or no traction they have a greater chance of getting bogged down or stuck in the surface or terrain that they are being driven on.
  • REDUCING WEAR AND TEAR ON DRIVE TRAIN COMPONENTSWhen driving with higher tyre pressure on soft surfaces your vehicle may well develop axle hop caused by losing and regaining traction, resulting in more wear and tear on drive train components such as differentials, gear boxes, axles and bearings.

A 25-30% decrease in tyre pressure will yield up to 250% improvement in traction, by increasing the depth and width of the tyre on the surface.

Tests have shown a 40% improvement in overcoming obstacles at lower tyre pressures, due to the low pressure tyres being able to conform to the obstacle. Therefore the drive becomes a less bumpy, much softer ride.


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